Encouragement and Support

I was able to coach a colleague through some challenging issues last week and felt you in the room with me encouraging and supporting me!

Thanks for being a great coach and amazing person!


Teachings of Life Coaching are Very Enlightening

Very interesting thanks much for arranging Jim’s visit with us.  I do not have much interest in mountain climbing but his thoughts and techniques could be useful in my running, cycling and many other endeavors.  I found his teachings of life coaching to be very enlightening.

Ken, Sacramento, CA

You were soo inspirational!!

After your recent speech I’ve had soo many people make a point to stop me at work and say thank you – how you were soo inspirational. I’ve heard conversations from across the room about your presentation — you did such a great job!  And people totally responded to what you had to say!  You’re awesome Jim!!!

Keren, Sacramento, CA

Coaching Has Kept Me On Track

Dear Jim:

I am writing to thank you for the coaching you have given me over the last two years. Your coaching has helped me to grow in self awareness and confidence; identify and reach personal and career goals; and to live a life of greater integrity and purpose. Your coaching has been valuable for my development as a leader, and I am forever grateful for having you as a coach. (more…)

Nancy, Missoula, MT

Session Was Awesome

Thank you soo much. The session was awesome and today was even better. I woke up feeling clear & confident. I got some things done today and I feel very good on the inside. I believe that I am shifting into the direction of trusting myself again. I had became afraid to make choices with the fear of messing things up more in my life or the kids life.

I am very excited about moving forward. Thank you already for sharing your Gift of Coaching in my life.

Be Blessed and continue to be Prosperous!

Mishel, CMT, MA, Sacramento, CA

Inspiring Coach

I’m encouraged with our work.  I’m inspired by you. Thank you, you are the best.

Jerry, Davis, CA

High Quality and Effective Coach

I want to recommend the coach I was linked with in the middle leader program, Jim Geiger, as a resource for the program.  He has recently retired from his R5 S&P job, but has continued his coaching education, earned ACE (Academy for Coaching Excellence) certification, and has continued his coaching practice as a private consultant.

My informal query of folks I attended Middle Leader indicated that the coaching experience was widely varied and, in some cases, not of notable benefit.  Those of us set up with Jim all experienced high quality and effective coaching from an experienced land manager genuinely interested in the practice of coaching others.  If there is a possibility of engaging Jim as a consultant contractor, it will be a benefit to the program participants who are given the opportunity to work with him as a coach, as it has been for me.

Nancy, Missoula, MT

What A Difference You Made

Jim, what a difference in my attitude.  I had not noticed the change in myself. But after talking with you this morning I realized the transformation. Plus you tested me.  I didn’t go back to my old tapes. It felt effortless.  What a difference. There is new knowledge and understanding!

Jerry, Davis, CA

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