Speed Play

Playing with Speed Intervals

Completed within a continuous workout, such as a longer run or climb, the speed interval typically lasts for at least 45 minutes.  After a good warm-up, many people begin the speed interval with a few minutes of a sustained increase in effort.  This effort shouldn’t be all out, but a bump of 15 [Read more…]

Your life one year from today???


What will your life look like one year from today? [Read more…]

How Not To Lose Weight

A Weighty Issue

Fact: Most people who lose weight regain it.
Fact: They don’t need to.
Fact: When it comes to losing weight (permanently), things are not always as they seem.

If you’re interested in losing weight in an intelligent, healthy and sustainable manner, here are some things to avoid: [Read more…]

5 Reasons People Fail (and What to Do Instead)

These barriers to success are easy to overcome, but only when you know they’re there. Why do some people achieve their goals while others fail? I believe it’s because successful people manage to overcome five barriers that, in many cases, guarantee failure. Here are those barriers and how to overcome them: [Read more…]

Change Your Life

How to Break Out of a Problem or Crisis

  • See it as it is….not worse than it is so you have no reason to try.
  • Get to the real truth and deal with it…admit to the cards you are dealt.
  • Get a vision for what you want and get strong.
  • Get a role model and [Read more…]

Get Going!!

Pick Up the Ball

So, if you’ve dropped the ball already, simply pick it up. No need to self-loathe, self-awareness is much healthier and much more productive. Re-commit. Re-focus. You’re not weak, you’re human. Not abnormal, normal. Consciously choose to throw away your safety net, lose the excuses, dispense with the short-term motivation and step [Read more…]

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