Age Well Campaign

What would it be like for you if life got better and more fulfilling as you got older?

What if you didn’t have to worry about heart disease, joint replacements, excess weight, shortness of breath, or any other concern you may have about aging? And what if all you had to do to avoid these maladies of older age is get off the couch and start moving?  Sound too good to be true?

Now we can’t promise you that a leisurely walk twice a week will do it for you. But we can promise you that if you are willing to commit the rest of your life to moving your body with intensity on a regular basis, and you are willing to consistently provide it with “high octane fuel” and not “junk fuel,” you can create a high quality of life for yourself and potentially avoid all the problems of old age and ultimately the loss of your mobility and independence that most older people experience. Sound good??

Life doesn’t have to be about enduring and suffering your twilight years, and just fading away. But rather it can be about thriving and enjoying them. You can have a better and more fulfilling life if you just decide to choose it. No more sitting on the couch. Instead you can enjoy a high quality of life as you age. Just move!!


  • High level of physical agility and dexterity
  • Youthful mentality and vitality
  • High energy
  • Vibrant mind, body and spirit
  • Happy, abundant, and meaningful life


  1. Strength – weight training with emphasis on the back, legs, and core.
  2. Balance – seek ways to train muscles that create balance, e.g. putting socks on standing on one foot, or balancing on one foot on the Bosu Ball.
  3. Flexibility – daily rigorous stretching, enhanced by activities such as yoga.
  4. Healthy Diet – recognize that food is fuel and not for comfort, and that good fuel comes mainly from fruits and vegetables and not processed foods, dairy or sugars.
  5. Mind Strength – do what you say you will do consistently and follow a regimen that brings clarity, focus, ease, and gratitude to your life.
  6. Movement – do a variety of exercises or activities that put positive stress on muscles on a regular basis. It could be weight training in combination with running, cycling, swimming, hiking, etc.
  7. Intensity – train muscles at an intensity that causes muscle fatigue.  A heart rate monitor could be used to ensure that the activity is in the safe zone.
  8. Rest and Recovery – pay attention to the amount and quality of sleep and down time that your body needs.


Our intention is to inspire millions of people to get very motivated to either begin or continue the aging well process by moving with intensity. There are many of you that are already doing this, but there are countless others of you that are not aging well.


Join the Age Well Campaign and share with us what you are doing to AGE WELL. We also want your personal secret to staying vital, healthy and alive. There is no age limit here. It doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 80. What does matter is that you get this, and you also understand that aging well is a process, and that you are doing something about it on a regular basis. Please share your story!!

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