About Jim’s Climbing

Jim Geiger, mountaineer

Since 1994, I have enjoyed climbing mountains all over the world, including Mexico, Ecuador, Argentina, Alaska, Tanzania, Nepal, Russia, and Antarctica.  I only have one continent to go, Australia.  It is scheduled for early next year when I travel there to climb Kosciusko. Another fun adventure has been climbing the western US High Points. So far I have  completed the 12 most difficult ones. I regularly train in the Sierra and especially like to snowshoe on Pyramid Peak, Mt Ralston or Castle Peak.

I cross train on my road bike and enjoy the challenge of long distance riding. I annually participate in the Ride Around Sutter Buttes, the Tour de Tahoe, and various metric Centuries in California. I most often train on the American River Bike Trail or along the Garden Highway near downtown Sacramento.

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Jim Geiger, climbing Denali

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